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Europe was one of the seven continents of Earth and one of the planet's smallest.


21st Century[]

During the 2012 Apocalypse, Europe was hit by massive earthquakes and huge volcanic eruptions when the tectonic plates destabilized, causing every major city in Europe to descend into chaos. As the earthquakes subsided, the European continent shifted from its original position to where the Asian continent originally sat when the Earth's crust shifted. Europe was then swept by a megatsunami during the Worldwide Flooding.

After the apocalypse ended, Europe was left with extreme damage from the earthquakes and tsunamis. However when the global floodwaters began to recede, much of Europe had risen, but it is unknown if it is habitable.

Former Countries[]


  • According to a map showing the flooding caused by the megatsunamis around the world, much of Italy, Spain, and central Europe had either risen or never flooded