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The Engulfment of Las Vegas was an event that occurred during the 2012 Apocalypse. The event occurred in the late afternoon hours, after the famous city of Las Vegas was hit by a massive earthquake, leaving the city in ruins until it was destroyed by the hazardous ash cloud that erupted from the Yellowstone Caldera.

The event resulted in the deaths of millions of people living in Las Vegas, except the Curtis Family, the Karpov Family, Sasha, Gordon Silberman and Tamara Jikan, who escaped on board an Antonov 500 aircraft.



During the 2012 apocalypse, the world was getting devastated by massive earthquakes, destroying Los Angeles and the state of California, as well numerous regions around the globe, which include Brazil, Europe, Asia, the U.S.A. and other world nations. This plunged several cities into global chaos as numerous people realised that the world is coming to an end before gathering in public places in desperate prayer, thinking that nothing can save them.

Yellowstone Caldera Eruption (2012)

During midday, the Yellowstone Caldera violently erupted which destroyed the park and caused its ash cloud to spread around the U.S.A. and Canada, rendering them uninhabitable. The ash cloud began to spread, starting from Las Vegas as far to Washington, DC, (which will be hit the U.S capital in 7 hours.) In Las Vegas, Nevada, a massive earthquake (of unknown magnitude) struck the city, destroying several buildings and creating numerous canyons that separated most of the city. When the earthquake subsided, the city was left in smithereens, but only a small group of people managed to survive, while some were injured.

The Engulfment

When the Curtis Family and Gordon Silberman (who survived the earthquake in LA and the Yellowstone Caldera's Eruption) arrived at the airport in the ruins of Las Vegas, hoping to find a larger plane that they will need to get to the Arks in China, which are the only things that can save them. As Gordon lands their Cessna 460 plane, he suggests that they should go and save his parents in the Rockies (who are presumed dead) and asks Jackson Curtis of how they are going to make it to China, until he was cut off by Noah Curtis, who says that without Jackson saving them, they would've never escaped California during the earthquake.

Meanwhile, Yuri Karpov, a Russian billionaire along with his twin sons, Alec and Oleg, girlfriend Tamara Jikan and pilot Sasha, are trying to get to China in order to get to the Arks, are delayed when their plane is caught in small cracks (caused by the earthquake). While an operator is preparing to get the plane out of the cracks, the airport staff alert the survivors that the Yellowstone Ash Cloud is heading for the city after the National Guard warned them, causing all of the people to rush inside for cover, including the operator, much to Yuri's frustration.

As everyone gathered inside the airport room where President Thomas Wilson addressed the nation one last time, everyone stood and listened sadly as the President announced that the 2012 catastrophe has struck their world until the signal cuts off due to the ash cloud heading for Las Vegas. As the airport staff attempt to calm the survivors down, Tamara spots Gordon Silberman and greets him, Gordon tells his girlfriend Kate Curtis that Tamara was one of his patients, to truthfully tell her that he is not cheating on her. Jackson spots Yuri, who is surprised to see that he has survived when Sasha arrives to inform them that he has found a plane, an Antonov 500. Sasha explains that he'll only fly the plane if he has a co-pilot. Lilly Curtis says that Gordon is a pilot, which Jackson says he is and they should go together with Gordon as the co-pilot. Sasha and Yuri agree and they head for the plane.

The Curtis and Karpov Group's Escape

As the Curtis Family, the Karpov Family, Tamara, Gordon and Sasha head for the plane, a firefighter rushes and tells them to come back, but they refuse (knowing if they did, they'll die in the ash cloud). As the rest of the survivors prepare for the ash cloud, the Curtis and Karpov group arrive at the Antonov 500 aircraft and board it. Soon as everyone was on board, and Gordon and Sasha preparing for take-off, the Airport Tower talks to them via radio and orders them to shut down, but they refuse. As Sasha and Gordon aim for takeoff, the Tower is engulfed by the ash cloud, killing everyone inside. After a failure of lifting the plane up and with them going into the Earth's crust, Sasha realises that the pumps are not down and goes to deal with them while Gordon attempts to pull the plane out of collapsing buildings, standing on a ledge. As the pumps were down, Sasha and Gordon pull the plane up, narrowly missing the collapsing buildings close to the crack's ledge. After striking the Effiel Tower and losing part of their landing gear, the group successfully escaped the ruins of Las Vegas as Sasha announces they are on their way to China, much to everyone's relief.

Casualties from the Engulfment

  • Las Vegas Fire Department Firefighters
  • Airport Staff and Crew
  • Airport Tower Staff
  • Surviving population of Las Vegas
  • Woman crying in flamingo costume
  • Hugging couple
  • Woman in leopard pattern coat sitting on lounge crying
  • Calm woman with glasses
  • Waitress at boxing match
  • Blonde woman at boxing match
  • Boxing trainers
  • Boxing commentator
  • Every person in McCarran International Airport

Places Destroyed in the Engulfment

  • McCarran International Airport
  • Effiel Tower replica
  • Caesar's Palace
  • Luxor Hotel
  • Stratosphere Tower
  • Many Hotels and Casinos
  • All remaining buildings in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas
  • Nellis Air Force Base (Most Likely)
  • Fremont Street (Collapsed)
  • Welcome to Las Vegas sign (Collapsed)


  • The Las Vegas Engulfment is the first target to be hit by the Yellowstone's Ash Cloud before it spread around the USA and Canada.
  • There were helicopters flying around the ruined Airport before the ash cloud hit, so they would've flown down and picked up a few survivors before the ash cloud hit.