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The Engulfment of Las Vegas was an event that occurred during the 2012 Apocalypse. The event occurred in the late afternoon hours, after Las Vegas was hit by a massive earthquake, leaving the city in ruins until it was destroyed by the ash cloud that erupted from the Yellowstone Caldera.

The event resulted in the deaths of millions of people living in Las Vegas, except the Curtis family, the Karpov family, Sasha, Gordon Silberman, and Tamara Jikan, who escaped on board an Antonov 500 aircraft.


Yellowstone Caldera Eruption[]

During midday, the Yellowstone Caldera erupted, destroying the park and caused an ash cloud to spread around the United States.

In Las Vegas, a massive earthquake struck the city, destroying several buildings and creating numerous canyons. When the earthquake subsided, the city was left in ruins.

The Engulfment[]

When the Curtis family and Gordon Silberman arrived at the airport in the hopes of finding a bigger plane to get to the Arks in China. Meanwhile, Yuri Karpov, his twin sons, Tamara, Sasha, watch as their plane is being towed out of a crack, but are forcefully escorted into a terminal to shelter from the ash cloud.

As everyone gathered inside the terminal, President Thomas Wilson's final address starts broadcasting until the signal cuts off. Tamara spots Gordon and greets him. Jackson spots Yuri, and begs that his family be taken with them. Sasha arrives to inform Yuri that he has found a plane and needs a co-pilot. Lilly Curtis volunteers Gordon to be the co-pilot, and they head for the plane.

The Curtis and Karpov Group's Escape[]

As the Curtis family, the Karpov family, Tamara, Gordon and Sasha head for the plane, the ash cloud arrives. The group board it, and Gordon and Sasha prepare for take-off as air traffic control tries to get them to abort. As they take off, the tower was engulfed by the ash cloud, killing everyone inside. After the plane failed to take off, Sasha realizes that the flaps are not down, and goes to deal with them while Gordon dodges collapsing buildings. After fixing the problem, Sasha rejoins Gordon, dodging a collapsing Bellagio and accidently knocking off Paris Las Vegas' antennae with the planes landing gear.

Casualties from the Engulfment[]

  • Las Vegas Fire Department Firefighters
  • Airport Staff and Crew
  • Airport Tower Staff
  • Surviving population of Las Vegas
  • Woman crying in flamingo costume
  • Hugging couple
  • Woman in leopard pattern coat sitting on lounge crying
  • Calm woman with glasses
  • Waitress at boxing match
  • Blonde woman at boxing match
  • Boxing trainers
  • Boxing commentator
  • Every person in McCarran International Airport

Places Destroyed in the Engulfment[]