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These so called surface cracks have nothing to do with tectonic plates
~ Adrian Helmsley to President Thomas Wilson

Earthquakes are a type of geological natural disasters that occur when the Earth's tectonic faults shift and move. Large earthquakes occur on the tectonic fault lines, while small earthquakes occur outside the fault line. This type of geological natural disaster is considered to be one of the most dangerous disasters to occur.


2012 Apocalypse[]

After a massive solar flare caused the Earth's core to heat up, the crust became unstable, which triggered the world's ending in 2012. The tectonic plates destabilizzed, due to the crust becoming even more unstable, which allowed large earthquakes to occur both on and off the tectonic fault lines. When the 2012 Apocalypse began, massive earthquakes of unprecedented strength began wrecking havoc across the Earth's continents, causing major damage and killing millions. The magnitude of the corresponding quakes triggered gigantic tsunamis that flooded the whole planet.