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The city of Los Angeles sinking into the Pacific Ocean.

The Earth Crust Displacement was an event caused by an exponential amount of neutrinos from solar flares heating up the Earth's core in the year 2009. With the Earth's crust becoming unstable, it caused a catastrophic chain of natural disasters to occur in 2012. This caused landmasses to slide and fluctuate freely, shifting the Earth's crust, and caused mass destruction of cities and regions worldwide.



The discovery was made by Prof. Charles Hapgood in 1958 when he published his theories of Earth Crust Displacement and pole shifting and was supported by Albert Einstein. Dr. Satnam Tsurutani picked up on these theories in 2009 when he discovered that neutrinos coming from the sun have "mutated" into a new kind of particle and are causing a physical reaction which were heating up the Earth's core. Charlie Frost, a conspiracy theorist, accurately predicted the events of Earth Crust Displacement as several earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis devastated every corner of the globe.


The cause of the Earth Crust Displacement was when a massive solar flare, with an unprecendented amount of neutrinos, caused the Earth's inner core to be heated up to a high temperature. This caused the outer core and mantle to melt, causing the Earth's crust to becoming unstable and free to shift. It also caused a chain of geological disasters to occur that will destroy the Earth and cause human extinction in the year 2012.


The effects of the Earth Crust Displacement took place on the 21st of December, 2012 (though in midsummer on the regular, Gregorian Calendar), which caused massive earthquakes to hit the continents globally. A 10.9 magnitude earthquake struck California and the gigantic chunks of the landmass in Los Angeles became unstable and it sank into the Pacific Ocean.

Shortly after, the supervolcano, Yellowstone Caldera, reaching 2,779 ft high concealed underneath the Yellowstone National Park mountains erupts, causing a colossal explosion of fire and brimstone. It also created a giant ash cloud which quickly swallowed the United States whole, rendering it and Canada uninhabitable. Numerous volcanic and supervolcanic eruptions occurred globally, rendering various regions uninhabitable and spreading ash everywhere. After the earthquakes settled down after destroying several iconic landmarks and cities around the globe, the Earth's crust shifted at 1.22 degrees more than a thousand miles. The crust had shifted by almost 23 degrees to the South West, along with the Earth's poles created a magnetic reversal, with the South Pole in Wisconsin and the North Pole in the Indian Ocean.

After the Earth's crust shifting ended, gigantic tsunamis were formed from the magnitude of the corresponding quakes, which washed over all the world's continents and flooded the entire planet with 1500 meters of water, causing global ground communication to cease and the shutdown to all electricity and radio relays.  


When the Earth Crust Displacement ended, the whole planet was flooded with water and was rendered uninhabitable. More than 400,000 people have survived thanks to boarding the Arks while 6 billion people were killed in the catastrophe. When the time was reset to year one and the tsunamis started to recede, the entire African continent had risen which allowed the 2012 survivors to begin a new life, rebuild humanity and build new homes.  


  • This event is based on the fictional significance of the Mayan Long Count Calendar
  • Though it states that Einstein agreed with it, in reality, he died three years earlier in 1955.

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