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It's not just California. It's the whole goddamn world that's going to shit
~ Jackson Curtis to Kate Curtis

Earth is a planet located in the Solar System and the third planet from the Sun, it's also the home planet of humans (Homo sapiens). Though, the planet had an expiration date that would occur in 2012.

After a massive solar flare (with an unprecedented amount of neutrinos) caused the Earth's inner core to heat up its temperature so high, the crust of the Earth became unstable which caused the Earth to come to an end in the year 2012. This made the planet become a victim of earthquakes of high magnitude, volcanic eruptions of high temperatures, the displacement of the Crust, and resulting in global flooding, covering most of the continents completely with 1500 meters of water (except Africa), rendering them uninhabitable.

When the time was reset to year AD 1 and following he apocalypse, tthe floodwaters from the mega-tsunamis began to recede, Africa and other regions rose up which are the only landmasses left on the once beautiful planet.


21st Century[]

In the year 2009, the Earth was seen when the Sun shines it's light on it and is seen with other planets, including Saturn. The Earth was then hit by a massive solar flare with a huge amount of neutrinos, but its magnetic field protected the planet from the Sun's UV rays. The Earth's core was heated up by the neutrinos which caused a physical reaction and had mutated into a kind of nuclear particle, reacting like microwaves.

The solar flare caused the temperature of the Earth's core to heat up its temperature so high, it caused the Earth's crust to destabilize. Astrophysicist Dr. Satnam Tsurutani and geologist Dr. Adrian Helmsley discovered this, Adrian reported the report from Satnam to United States Chief of Staff, Carl Anheuser, who takes him to meet the President of United States, Thomas Wilson and Adrian told them that the incident of the mutated neutrinos that were heating up the Earth's core, would cause a chain of natural disasters in the future.

In the year of late 2012, the Earth's crust was destabilizing as the Subterranean crust was increasing at a rapid rate much faster than anticipated. The Earth's magnetic fields have decreased by more than 80% within the last 48 hours. With only two days till the 2012 Apocalypse begins, humanity who were chosen to board the Arks (which were secretly built to ensure humanity survives) evacuated at once.

2012 Apocalypse[]

The apocalypse began on December 21st, 2012, many earthquakes of unprecedented strength devastated major cities all across the globe and volcanoes, including super-volcanoes, engulfed regions around the world. During that day, the sky turned from normal blue to a dusty orange with smoke clouds covering several areas across the globe in the aftermaths of the earthquakes.

The Earth's crust finally began to shift at 1.22 degrees and then, gigantic tsunamis at 1500 meters, triggered by the corresponding quakes, were going to flood the entire planet. The crust had shifted by almost 23 degrees to the southwest and the Earth's poles have reversed their magnetic fields as the South Pole is now in Wisconsin while the North Pole's new location is unknown, possibly somewhere in the Indian Ocean or what was left of the Bay of Bengal.


After the apocalypse ended on December 22nd, 2012, the Earth was rendered uninhabitable. Several days later, when time was reset to year 0001, the global floodwaters from the tsunamis started to recede and the entire African continent had risen up, allowing humans begin a new life, rebuild humanity and remake their lives there. The Earth is shown with a completely different landscape where Africa and other landmasses have risen.

Areas known to be above water by the time the Arks received their first satellite feed are most of Africa bar some coastal areas, highland areas of Asia including the Himalayas and Turkey, and much of Europe stretching from Italy to Russia. A viewport showing a map with different coastlines then this is displayed (in the alternate ending) in Ark 4, which is possibly a map of projected coastlines after the seabeds have stabilised. Areas shown above water in this map include most of Africa, the Middle East, and India bar some coastal areas, most of Western China including the Himalayas, and highland areas around the world.



  • The Earth Crust Displacement is based on the fictional significance of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.
  • Earth's human population was around 7 billion in late 2012. However, after the apocalypse, there are now more than 400,000 humans who survived the apocalypse which is now all left of humanity on Earth.