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I'm coming home Dorothy...
~ President Thomas Wilson before being swept away by the tsunami

The Destruction of D.C. was an event that occurred during the 2012 Apocalypse. The capitol was hit by a 9.4 magnitude earthquake, and was later destroyed when an enormous tidal wave carrying the USS John F. Kennedy crashed it straight into the White House. This event also resulted in the death of President Thomas Wilson.


Before the Destruction[]

During the 2012 Apocalypse, the Yellowstone ash cloud reached to Washington, D.C, the ash falling like snow. The White House and it's grounds were opened up to refugees as well as housing medical camps set up around the area.

President Wilson finds a young little girl with a woman who explains that she has been separated from her dad. President Wilson told her that he will find her dad and goes outside.

The Earthquake[]

While President Wilson was looking for the girl's dad, a rumbling noise was heard and a large earthquake with magnitude of 9.4 struck the U.S capital. As everyone struggled to stay upright, President Wilson watched in horror as the Washington Monument began to collapse and fall. On Air Force One, the earthquake was reported and the plane's communications to the White House has Been lost, making the staff unable to contact the President.

The Tsunami[]

After the earthquake came to a halt, ash was still raining and President Wilson regained consciousness. As he awoke, he saw a gigantic tsunami coming straight towards the remnants of Washington DC. The wave also carried the USS John F. Kennedy heading straight towards the White House with its planes and helicopters falling off it.

Reaching his final moments, the President softly says his last words: "I'm coming home, Dorothy." as the tsunami crashed the carrier straight into the White House. President Wilson and all the surviving occupants were killed as whatever was left of Washington was destroyed as the wave goes over the ship carrier and continued to flood the rest of the Eastern United States.

Casualties from the Destruction[]

Locations Destroyed[]

White House "Destruction"

Original promotional render of D.C's destruction


  • The White House destruction is arguably the most famous destruction sequence seen in the film
  • In reality, it's highly unlikely the White House would still be standing after a 9.4 magnitude earthquake, it is, however, more prone/vulnerable to earthquake destruction than the Washington Monument.
  • The tsunami is shown approaching the White House from the left as viewed from the South Lawn. In reality, the Atlantic Ocean is east of the White House, so it should be approaching it from the right.
  • USS John F. Kennedy could not crash into the White House in any way, since it has been moored in Philadelphia since 2005.
  • If one looks closely at the windows of the White House as the tsunami nears, shadows and figures can be seen running away inside it