Czech Republic

Flag of the Czech Republic.svg

Czech Republic was a small country in Europe and its capital city was Prague.

During the 2012 apocalypse, the country of Czech Republic was hit by massive earthquakes, destroying several of its Landmarks and killing several people living in the country. A humanitarian crisis was sparked during the Global Famine as many left rural areas. Many gathered at Religious sites like cathedrals to pray as time was running out for the tidal Waves to hit the cities as others bickered over food and drinks in Supermarkets across the country. The remains of the Czech Republic was then swept by a megatsunami in the Worldwide Flooding.

After the apocalypse ended, Czech Republic was left with extreme damage from the extreme geological natural disasters. When the global floodwaters started to recede, the Czech Republic had presumably risen above the seawaters.

The only survivor is the Czech Chancellor.

Former cities

  • Prague(Destroyed by Earthquake)
  • Brno(Abandoned during Global Famine)
  • Olomouc(Destroyed by Flash Flood)
  • Ostrava(Also abandoned during Global Famine)
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