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Charlie Frost is a supporting character in 2012. He was a radio host and conspiracy theorist, who accurately predicted the cataclysmic events that occured on the 21st of December in 2012. He lived in a camper in Yellowstone National Park, where he died during the eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera. Charlie was a casualty of the 2012 Apocalypse.


Early Life

Not much is shown about Charlie's background, but it is mentioned that he ran a radio show in his camper at Yellowstone National Park and is also a conspiracy theorist, which make predict events and other things accurately, which sometimes makes his audience members confused.

Learning about the World's Ending

Since the world's ending was discovered, Charlie became obsessed in the information. He researched on the background of the upcoming apocalypse, including the Earth Crust Displacement theory, which was discovered by Professor Charlies Hapgood in 1958. He learned that the government has been keeping the apocalypse a secret from the public, in order to prevent a massive panic, as well the construction of the Arks, which he has a map of their location. Charlie also recorded the deaths of several scientists from around the world, who were killed in various accidents when they tried to warn the world.

Meeting the Curtis Family

A week before the apocalypse occurs on 12/21/12, Charlie hosts a radio conference which is heard by science-fiction writer, Jackson Curtis and his children, Noah and Lilly, who are driving to go camping in Yellowstone National Park. He tells the audience on the radio, that there have been "government people" flying in and out all morning, which some military helicopters fly above Jackson's limo, which leaves the trio astonished and confused as Charlie accurately predicted it.

Charlie then spies on the Curtis Family when they trespass a restricted area by the US Military when they come across a place which used to be a lake and he records it on his voice recorder. He later meets them face-to-face and asks them of what the Army wanted them for, Jackson awkwardly replied that the Army only told them to keep away from restricted areas and leaves with his children.

Later that night, Charlie hosts another radio conference from his camper, which is heard by Jackson in his limo while he was working on his book, Farewell Atlantis. Jackson comes to visit Charlie, who also greets him as he shows him an animated video he made himself about the apocalypse, as well the deaths of scientists and the Arks' construction. Jackson didn't believe of this at first, due to him being oblivious of the upcoming apocalypse, and felt that Charlie is acting crazy and leaves back to his campsite.

2012 apocalypse

On December 21st 2012, as the worldwide apocalypse was about to begin, Charlie begins another radio conference, which is heard by Jackson in his limo after dropping Yuri's sons to the Santa Monica Airport, Los Angeles. Charlie explains that the authorities say to the public that there is nothing to worry about and added that he loved to see everyone's faces when Malibu and Beverly Hills, California gets sucked into the Pacific Ocean, which makes Jackson realise that the apocalypse is beginning. Jackson saves his family as California is destroyed by a massive 10.9 earthquake and slides into the Pacific just as Charlie predicted.

Death and Legacy

Charlie rode on a motorcycle towards a large hill in front of the Yellowstone Caldera, leaving his camper behind as he begins another radio conference about the upcoming eruption of the supervolcano and how much of the Earth's ground will be shot into outer space from the eruption. Jackson and his group return to Yellowstone to retrieve Charlie's map which will show the Ark's location. He and his daughter, Lilly find Charlie's camper which they take so they can find Charlie, who Lilly spots at the top of the hill. Jackson parks the limo near the hill where Charlie is and heads to ask him of where the ships are.

At that moment, Jackson and Charlie are briefly distracted by a flock of birds who fly away from the upcoming eruption and Charlie sees Lilly, who has followed Jackson and didn't want to stay in the camper too long. After Charlie told Jackson of where the map is in his camper, the Yellowstone Caldera begins its eruption. Charlie stays behind to broadcast it while Jackson and Lilly escape in the camper. Charlie then predicts that the ash cloud, created by the eruption will engulf much of the USA and Canada uninhabitable, starting from Las Vegas, to St Louis, Chicago and Washington DC. Lilly says that Charlie is crazy, but Jackson disagrees, knowing that Charlie is serious. The Yellowstone Caldera erupted violently which created a blinding flash light and the force from the volcano blew Charlie and trees backwards before sending volcanic bombs down in several areas across the park. Charlie yells out his last words: "Always remember folks: You heard it first FROM CHARLIE!!" as he is engulfed by debris from the volcano.

On board the Antonov 500, when Jackson and Yuri's group learned that the Earth's plates have shifted more than a thousand miles, as Asia is now where the Pacific Ocean was, Jackson realised that it is the Earth Crust Displacement theory and praised the late Charlie for it.


Charlie Frost was a friendly and highly intelligent individual but was eccentric, suspicious and acting strange which can make other people feel that he is a crazed maniac. This made Jackson Curtis feel the same way when he thought that Charlie was acting crazy, but he realised that he was right all along and that he was serious about the apocalypse happening. Despite all this though, his conspiracy theories of the apocalypse proved to be correct when he predicted which cities will be hit by the Yellowstone ash cloud and how the Earth will be destroyed by a series of three geological disasters.


  • Charlie apparently has an obsession with pickles as his refrigerator is mostly filled with jars.
  • Charlie seems to have a brother named Tom.
  • Charlie appears loosely based on real-life volcanologists, David Johnson and Harry Glicken, who were both killed in volcanic eruptions. David Johnson in the eruption of St. Helens in 1980, Harry Glicken in the eruption of Mount Unzen in 1991.