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Always remember folks, you heard it first from Charlie Frost!
~ Charlie Frost

Charlie Frost was a supporting character in 2012. He was a radio host and conspiracy theorist, who accurately predicted the cataclysmic events that occurred on December 21st, 2012. He lived in a camper in Yellowstone National Park, where he died during the eruption from the Yellowstone Caldera. Charlie was a casualty of the 2012 Apocalypse.


Learning about the World's Ending[]

Since the world's ending was discovered, Charlie became obsessed in the information. He researched the background of the upcoming apocalypse, including the Earth Crust Displacement theory. He learned that the government has been keeping the apocalypse a secret from the public, as well as the construction of the Arks. Charlie also recorded the deaths of notable figures from around the world, who were killed in various "accidents" when they tried to warn the world.

Meeting the Curtis family[]

Days before the apocalypse, Charlie's radio show was heard by Jackson Curtis and his children who were driving to go camping in Yellowstone National Park. He states that "government people" were flying in and out all morning just as some military helicopters fly above Jackson's limo. Jackson dismisses it at coincidence.

Charlie is later seen spying on the Curtis family when they enter a restricted area that used to be a lake. He later meets them face-to-face and asks them of what the Army said to them, Jackson awkwardly replying that they said the area was unstable.

Later that night, Charlie hosted another show, which is heard by Jackson in his limo while he was working on his new book. Jackson visits Charlie, who tells him about the coming apocalypse, as well the deaths of scientists and the Arks' construction, including a scientist Jackson worked with for Farewell Atlantis.

2012 Apocalypse[]

The morning of the apocalypse, another one of Charlie's radio shows is heard by Jackson after dropping Yuri's sons off at the Santa Monica Airport. Charlie mocked those in California stating there was nothing going on. Just as this happens, a small tremor causes a minor crack directly underneath Jackson's limo, who rushed to rent a plane and save his family right after.

Death and Legacy[]

Charlie rode on a motorcycle towards a large hill in front of the Yellowstone Caldera, leaving his camper behind as he continued his broadcast. Jackson, who's group landed in Yellowstone, came to retrieve Charlie's map that shown the Arks' location.

Jackson grabbed Charlie and got the information from him, and just after, the Yellowstone Caldera begins its eruption. Charlie stays behind to broadcast it while Jackson and Lilly escape in the camper. Charlie states the ash cloud will engulf much of the United States, including Las Vegas, St Louis, Chicago and Washington D.C. The Yellowstone Caldera finally erupted, the force from the volcano blowing Charlie away and sending trees backwards. Amazed by the sight of the eruption, Charlie smiles and yells out his catchphrase just seconds before he was crushed and killed instantly by volcanic debris.

On board the Antonov 500, when Jackson and Yuri's group learned that the Earth's tectonic plates have shifted more than a thousand miles, as Asia is now where the Pacific Ocean was, Jackson realized that it is the Earth Crust Displacement theory and praised Charlie for it.


Charlie Frost was a friendly and highly intelligent individual but his eccentric and suspicious attitude can make other people feel that he is a crazed maniac. This made Jackson feel the same way when he thought that Charlie was acting crazy. Despite all this though, his conspiracy theories of the apocalypse were eventually proven to be correct.


  • Charlie Frost was portrayed by Woody Harrelson.
  • Charlie appears loosely based on real-life volcanologists, David Johnson and Harry Glicken, who were both killed in volcanic eruptions
    • David Johnson died in the eruption of St. Helens in 1980 and Harry Glicken died in the eruption of Mount Unzen in 1991.
  • Charlie apparently loves pickles as his refrigerator is mostly filled with jars.
    • This may be due to Woody Harrelson's own vegan diet