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Call Mommy and tell her we're gonna be 5 minutes late.
~ Jackson Curtis to Lilly Curtis

Charlie's Trailer was the camper/home which Charlie Frost stayed in and reported on the radio while staying in Yellowstone National Park.


Yellowstone Caldera Eruption[]

After the destruction of California, the Curtis family and Gordon Silberman landed in Yellowstone to retrieve a map from Charlie Frost displaying the location of the Arks that can save them. Jackson Curtis along with Lilly Curtis used it to locate Charlie and escaped the erupted Yellowstone Caldera volcanic bombs that were striking all over the park. One of the lava bombs struck and took out the rear portion, but the rest remained intact to still drive to the small runway. Jackson then went back into the trailer to get the map for the Arks and managed to make it out before the trailer fell into the Earth's crust.