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Cast of the characters in 2012 (film):

  • John Cusack as Jackson Curtis, a struggling writer who has to work as a limousine driver
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Dr. Adrian Helmsley, geologist and scientific advisor to the President of the United States
  • Amanda Peet as Kate Curtis, a medical student and Jackson's ex-wife
  • Liam James as Noah Curtis, Jackson and Kate's son
  • Morgan Lily as Lilly Curtis, Jackson and Kate's daughter
  • Thomas McCarthy as Dr. Gordon Silberman, Kate's current boyfriend, a plastic surgeon
  • Danny Glover as Thomas Wilson, the President of the United States
  • Thandie Newton as Dr. Laura Wilson, President Wilson's daughter
  • Oliver Platt as Carl Anheuser, the President's Chief of Staff
  • Zlatko Burić as Yuri Karpov, a Russian billionaire
  • Beatrice Rosen as Tamara, Yuri's Russian girlfriend
  • Alexandre and Philippe Haussmann as Alec and Oleg Karpov, Yuri's twin sons
  • Woody Harrelson as Charlie Frost, a fringe science conspiracy theorist and radio talk show host
  • Chin Han as Tenzin, a worker in Tibet
  • Osric Chau as Nima, a Buddhist monk and Tenzin's brother
  • Lisa Lu as Grandma Sonam, Nima and Tenzin's grandmother
  • John Billingsley as Professor Frederic West, an American scientist
  • Ryan McDonald as Scotty, Dr. Helmsley's assistant
  • Johann Urb as Sasha, a Russian pilot and Tamara's lover
  • Blu Mankuma as Harry Helmsley, Adrian's father and Tony's musical partner
  • George Segal as Tony Delgatto, an elderly traveling musician and Harry's musical partner
  • Jimi Mistry as Dr. Satnam Tsurutani, an Indian scientist who discovers the events causing the catastrophe
  • Stephen McHattie as Captain Michaels, the captain of the ark that Jackson and his family stowaway on
  • Henry O as Lama Rinpoche
  • Dean Marshall as Ark communication officer