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Canada was a large country located in North America, sharing a northern border with the United States. Its capital was Ottawa.


21st Century

In 2010, the 2010 G8 Summit occurred in British Columbia. There, U.S. President Thomas Wilson informs the other national leaders that the neutrinos from the solar flare event in 2009 are heating up the Earth's core, which would lead to a series of catastrophic disaster and the destruction of human civilization and most life on Earth.

Two years later, the 2012 Apocalypse occurred. Canada was destroyed by constant earthquakes, with parts of the country being engulfed by the Yellowstone ash cloud, rendering them uninhabitable. Soon after, the remnants of the country were swept by a mega-tsunami during the Worldwide Flooding. The only known survivor of Canada is the Canadian Prime Minister.


  • It's also briefly mentioned that Adrian Helmsley had a colleague working in Ontario.