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Something like this could only start in Hollywood Bill, but the truth of the matter is they got cracks forming under their asses already!
~ Charlie Frost to a listener

California was a U.S. State on the western coastline of the United States. It was the most populous state as well as the 3rd largest in area. The state's capital was Sacramento.


21st Century[]

Los Angeles was mostly shown, being the former home of Jackson Curtis and his separated family, and Gordon Silberman. The ship that Harry Helmsley and Tony Delgatto leave on was presumably on the California coastline as it takes place in the San Francisco Bay, and the governor's office in Sacramento was shown on TV as the governor speaks.

When the 2012 Apocalypse occurred, the San Andreas Fault entirely cracked, triggering a 10.9 magnitude earthquake that caused some of the state to separate from the continental United States and sink into the Pacific Ocean.

Former Cities[]