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Caesar is a dog formerly owned by Tamara. After Tamara's death, he was kept by Alec and Oleg. However, he was later given to Lilly Curtis. He is currently being owned and taken care of Lily and her family in Africa. Caeser is a survivor of the 2012 Apocalypse


Caesar is a dog who lived in Las Vegas, that was owned by Tamara Jikan and most likely Yuri Karpov too. Caesar is noted to have a little rain jacket when Tamara and Yuri are packing to board the Arks.

Caesar survived the Las Vegas Earthquake and the engulfment by boarding the Antonov 500 with Tamara, Yuri, Sasha, the Curtis family, and Gordon Silberman. He made it to Tibet with everyone else when Yuri, Oleg, and Alec were taken to the arks by the Chinese army as they had green cards. But Tamara, the Curtis family and Gordon didn’t. Caesar then reunited with Tamara right before the boarding of Ark 4. Then he, along with Lilly made it out of the Zoology Chamber after Gordon's death. Tamara drowned in one of the chambers. Lilly then took care of Caesar after Tamara's death and Caesar now lives at the Cape of Good Hope after the Landing of Cape of Good Hope.


  • Caesar is breed of dog called a Japanese Chin.