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"We've just entered Chinese airspace..."
~ Air Force One technician

Asia was a continent on Earth and it was the planet's largest continent. It had the countries of Russia, India, and China. It was also the top-secret location where the Arks were being constructed so that humanity can survive the world's ending in 2012.


21st Century[]

Ever since the discovery of the world's ending in 2009, the governments began a top-secret project to ensure that humanity survives from extinction. They planned to build nine enormous ships called Arks to save more than 400,000 people in Asia, due to it being the largest continent on Earth and in the Himalayas, since the mountains were remote. Thousands of workers were recruited to help build the Arks and were forced to keep it a secret from the public at large by the orders of Carl Anheuser in order to prevent a massive panic, knowing that a lot of the Earth's population want to survive.

As two years passed, four Arks were completed while only five were still under construction. One of the Ark workers, Tenzin, planned to save his family by stowing away on Ark 4 where the Americans were on board. When Satnam Tsurutani informed Adrian Helmsley about the Earth's crust becoming more unstable, President Thomas Wilson recommended that they evacuate to the Arks at once. The people who were chosen to board the Arks, were informed and immediately left for the Arks.

2012 Apocalypse[]

During the worldwide apocalypse, massive earthquakes (of unprecedented strength) wrecked the Earth's cities and nations, volcanoes erupted which engulfed several areas across the world, including super-volcanoes and gigantic tsunamis began to flood the entire planet with several feet of water. Asia was hit by the mega earthquakes, which destroyed various cities and nations on the continent. When the Earth's crust shifted by 1.22 degrees, Asia was moved from its original position to where the Pacific Ocean originally was, before a tsunami flooded the entire country. The Arks were able to survive the world's disastrous event, with more than 400,000 people on board.

As a result of the apocalypse, Asia is submerged underwater but is left with extreme damage from the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, rendering it uninhabitable. The Himalayas were no longer the roof of the world as its title was passed on to the Drakensberg Mountains when the entire African continent rose above the sea level.

Former Locations[]