The Antonov 500 is a big plane, commandeered by Yuri Karpov and piloted by Sasha, which flew the survivors from Las Vegas to China.

It also carried Jackson Curtis, his children, Noah and Lily, his ex-wife Kate, Kate's boyfriend Gordon Silberman, Karpov's twin sons, and Karpov's love interest Tamara.

With Sasha still piloting the plane, the survivors drove out. Sasha managed to land the Antonov 500 right on the edge of a mountaintop. The top then crumbled, sending the plane to fall down, crash and explode.


  • While Antonov is a real aircraft manufacturing company, the "Antonov 500" is not a real model produced by the company. The plane shown in the film is a Antonov An-225 Mriya.
  • Although Yuri states that the plane is Russian, Antonov is actually Ukranian.
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