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The Antonov 500 was a Russian cargo plane that was based on the Antonov AN-225, commandeered by Yuri Karpov and piloted by Sasha, which flew the survivors, Jackson Curtis, Kate Curtis, Noah Curtis, Lilly Curtis, Gordon Silberman, Tamara Jikan, Alec and Oleg Karpov from Las Vegas to China in order to get to the Arks.


2012 apocalypse

In the late afternoon hours of December 21st 2012, Las Vegas was in ruins due to a massive earthquake (of an unknown magnitude) hitting the area, creating numerous canyons. After the earthquake came to a halt, Las Vegas' population struggled to survive while numerous ambulance tend to injured survivors and the earthquake also caught Yuri Karpov's plane stuck in a crack.

When the National Guard informed Las Vegas that the Yellowstone Ash Cloud was heading straight towards the city, due to the Caldera having erupted earlier, everyone rushed inside for cover. Sasha went to find another plane so he can fly Yuri's family out of Vegas and tell Yuri the airport's tower didn't let the pilot fly the Antonov, he realised that he needed a co-pilot. After learning that Jackson Curtis and his family flew to Vegas with Gordon Silberman being a pilot, they formed a group and ran to the Antonov 500 so they can escape together despite the firefighter warned to them for return to inside. While Jackson, Kate, Noah, Lilly, Yuri, Tamara, Alec and Oleg buckle up for takeoff, Sasha and Gordon get prepared to fly the cargo plane before the ash cloud engulfs them. Despite the Las Vegas Airport Tower telling them to abort takeoff (because they don't have clearance to fly even they warned them until the airport tower destroyed), the Curtis and Karpov group managed to escape, avoiding collapsing buildings and falling down into the Earth's crust, as the city of Las Vegas is destroyed, but they lose their landing gear.

During their flight, Sasha and Gordon prepared to refuel in Hawaii as they did not have enough fuel, but the entire islands of Hawaii were engulfed in lava and Sasha decided that they were going to make a water landing in South China Sea. They continue to fly off as the Volcanic Eruptions of Hawaii destroyed the remains of Hawaii.


As the Antonov continued to lose fuel, everyone on board prepares for a water landing, but since the Earth's crust shifted by more than a thousand miles, Asia is now where the Pacific Ocean was, arriving in Cho Ming Valley, Tibet. With Sasha still piloting the plane, he ordered Jackson and Yuri to take one of the cars inside the cargo with everyone so they can get out before the plane touches down. Taking the new Bentley car, Jackson, Yuri, their families along with Gordon and Tamara drove out of the plane and are saved while the other cars get destroyed when the plane touched down. Sasha saw that the Antonov 500 is heading right to the edge of a mountaintop. The plane stopped but due to its weight, the top crumbled, causing the plane to fall down, crash and explode on impact, killing Sasha.


  • While Antonov is a real aircraft manufacturing company, the "Antonov 500" is not a real aircraft model produced by the company. The plane shown in the film is an Antonov An-225 Mriya.
  • Although Yuri states that the plane is Russian, the Antonov company is actually Ukrainian.