Albania was a country located in the Balkans.

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During the 2012 apocalypse, Albania was hit by massive earthquakes, destroying various cities and killing several humans living in the country. Later on, Albania was then later swept by a megatsunami in the Worldwide Flooding.

On December 23 2012, Tirana(The capital)was struck with an 8.9 earthquake, damaging Skënderbe Square and plunging the Albanian Police Force into chaos as Anarchy struck across the nation. Things worsened when volcanos around the world erupted, crop failure became a fact of life.

Plagues were also rampant. The health infrastructure could not deal with the number of the dead and were worsened when most of the hospitals were destroyed in the Earthquakes. Those that survived the quakes were eventually overcrowded.

Days before the Worldwide Flooding,Albania was in chaos, Murder,Armed Robbery and Looting were everyday occurrences as many fought in Supermarkets over a Box of Corn Flakes.Because the end of days were nearing, many people gathered at their homes, mosques and churches across the country.Then it happened.......... The country was turned into water. Tirana, the capital, turned into an Atlantis.

As a result of the apocalypse, Albania is left with extreme damage and is rendered uninhabitable.

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