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The entire African continent has risen.
~ Adrian Helmsley after learning that Africa had risen above the sea level.

Africa is one of the Earth's continents and the world's second largest continent after Asia and home to various animal species.


21st Century[]

During the 2012 Apocalypse, Africa is the only continent on Earth that is largely spared from the Worldwide Flooding. After the Apocalypse is over, it rises several thousand feet (some coastal plains remain underwater, including much of the Horn of Africa, as seen on the satellite maps and the view from space, although the waters have likely not finished receding).

Thus, it allowed the survivors boarding the Arks to rebuild their lives there at the Cape of Good Hope, likely with support and humanitarian aid from the African countries. The other continents around the world were destroyed by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and megatsunamis, while Africa remained habitable.

The population of Africa is unknown after the Apocalypse is over, but it has likely decreased by over 90%, perhaps over 99%, and may decrease further due to famine, disease, etc.


Notable Locations[]


  • In the film, Africa is the only continent that survived the 2012 Apocalypse and risen after 27 days.
  • Africa, in the film, being the last place on Earth to remain habitable, is an allusion to Africa being the cradle and birthplace of humanity.
  • Given that Africa is the only continent that is not flooded since it rose to several thousand feet, it is safe to assume that African countries are the only ones on Earth that survive the apocalypse. If that is the case, the governments of the African countries are the only political entities that remain functional after the apocalypse.
    • Further supporting this, it is not known if any of the Arks carry any African heads of state or governments. However it is likely Ark 7 carried some African passengers, as it is labelled "Europe; Africa" on the inter-Ark comms system.