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As in London, where the 30th Olympic Games have just been suspended...
~ CNN News Reporter

The 2012 Summer Olympics was a multi-sport event that was scheduled to run from July 27th-August 12th, 2012 in London.

During the 2012 Apocalypse, Carl Anheuser watches a news report on how the apocalypse was affecting the globe. As the Olympics have been suspended after a large earthquake shakes London. Large crowds riot through the streets after the games are suspended.


  • The inclusion of the 30th Olympic Games in the film led to massive confusion over when the 2012 Apocalypse takes place
    • The Mayan Calendar predicted the world to end in December, backed up by news reports about the apocalypse along with Charlie Frost's animation. The producers and Roland Emmerich also stated that the film takes place in December.
    • The Olympics always takes place in the late summer, there was no signs of snow at Yellowstone which gets plenty of snow in the winter, no signs of Christmas decorations anywhere in the locations seen in the film, and a newspaper Gordon reads during breakfast is dated as July [unreadable], 2012