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2011 was a year that occurred in the 2012 universe.

Year: 2011

January - December

  • The world's national treasures from several museums and landmarks are moved to the Himalayas, under the disguise of protecting them from terrorist attacks so that their history can survive when the end comes, with the help of art expert and First Daughter, Dr. Laura Wilson. Mr. Issacs visits the Saudi Prince in London, United Kingdom to recruit him to the Arks along with his family.
  • Seismic and volcanic activity continued to increase worldwide, due to the Earth's crust becoming even more unstable and lava began to force its way to the surface, due to the Earth's core being heated up so high.
  • The last Christmas event, The last New Year's Eve, The last Valentine's day and The last Halloween event occurred on December 25th 2011, December 31st 2011, January 1st 2012, and February 14st 2012 to October 31st 2012.