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2010 was a year that occurred in the 2012 universe.

Year: 2010

January - June

  • The 2010 G8 Summit occurred in British Columbia, with all the world national leaders attending the meeting. President Thomas Wilson informed the national leaders about the news that informed him six months ago in 2009, and about how the world will soon come to an end in the year 2012. With this, they began a top secret project to ensure that humanity survives from extinction.
  • The Ark Project begins its construction in the Himalayas of Cho Ming, Tibet and thousands of recruits were brought to help build the nine massive Arks. Additional funding is sold for tickets for one billion euros per person. More than 400,000 people are chosen to board the Arks, those are billionnaires and millionnaires.
  • In order to prevent a massive civil unrest, the 2012 disaster is kept a secret from the world at large, by the orders of Carl Anheuser, knowing that a lot of the Earth's population want to survive. Seismic and volcanic activity began to increase worldwide, due to the Earth's crust becoming more unstable.