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The biggest Sun eruptions in human history, causing the highest neutrino count we've ever recorded
~ Satnam Tsurutani

The 2009 Solar Flare was a massive solar flare erupting from the Sun with a unprecedented amount of neutrinos that were responsible for heating up the Earth's core and for causing the world to end in the year 2012. This event occurred in late 2009, three years before the Earth Crust Displacement began.


In 2009, a massive solar flare erupted from the Sun, sending a massive amount of neutrinos towards Earth, causing a physical reaction that started to heat up the Earth's core. Two days later, in India, Satnam Tsurutani showed Adrian Helmsley the solar flare erupting and told him of the discovery, and that have the neutrinos mutated into a new nuclear particle.

The effects of the 2009 Solar Flare caused the Earth's core to heat up, and would eventually make the Earth's crust destabilize, and eventually would bring the world to an end.


  • In the disaster film Knowing, a massive solar flare destroyed the Earth on October 19th, 2009. This similar event occurred in the same year but in an unknown month in late 2009.
  • In actuality, 2009 was in the middle of a "dry spell" on the sun. There were barely any flares around 2006-2011, and activity did not pick up until 2012.
  • In real-life, neutrinos would be incapable of mutating and causing physical reactions like heating up the Earth's core; they are basically neutral particles that would simply pass through anything. Even if neutrinos could somehow cause physical reactions, their presence would wreak havoc on the surface long before reaching the core.